As alumni of JU, we feel proud to see that our beloved university has reached fifty-one years. Since inception, the university has made numerous contributions to the nation for its meaningful development by providing quality human resources and intellectual input.

Jahangirnagar University is exceptional when compared to many other public universities of Bangladesh, in several different parameters. The university was established as full-fledged residential university at outskirts of the capital city, aiming at providing quality education to the students in a congenial academic atmosphere.

The university is located around thirty kilometers away from busy Dhaka in a verdant land blessed with natural water bodies and evergreens. The natural beauty of this scenic campus easily draws anyone with its magnetic touch.

The logo of the university gives testimony to the natural beauty bearing the ‘White Lily’ with three petals arranged aesthetically with the name of the university in Bangla ensconced in a semi-circle like a band of flowers.

A truly academic atmosphere prevails on the university campus since the natural environment here is very tranquil and calm, having a positive impact on the mind of teachers and students. Students can learn many things from nature which teaches us to be calm, open minded, dedicated and compassionate to other creatures.

Every year hundreds and thousands of migratory birds congregate here from different cold-stricken regions to pass their winter vacation. The university campus resounds with the sweet twittering of the birds.

Another beauty of this campus is migratory birds. Every year hundreds and thousands of migratory birds congregate here from different cold-stricken regions to pass their winter vacation. The university campus resounds with the sweet twittering of the birds. They also play hide and seek in safe sanctuaries of JU lakes, entertaining the visitors and bird-lovers who come from different parts of the country to see these feathered friends. Every year, a bird fair is arranged here, welcoming the migratory birds.

Like nature, the teachers, students and staff share an amicable and open camaraderie. Teachers behave in a friendly manner with their students and take special care in exchanging knowledge amid a congenial academic environment on campus. Being a full-fledged residential university, the majority of students and teachers stay on campus, resulting in a close bond with each other.

Cultural affiliation is another unique character of JU, which is termed as ‘capital of cultural practices’. Different socio-cultural organisations arrange cultural events round the year. Drama festivals, recitation festivals and concerts are the regular events on this campus. Students, alongside academic studies, are involved in different extra-curricular activities which make them versatile talented persons. The university provides culturally rich personalities to the nation.

The university promotes democratic practice by allowing students politics, though now contaminated by a section of students with vested interests. The university also churns out academics, researchers, politicians, diplomats, journalists, administrators, business persons, social organisers and development workers for the nation.

The relationship among the alumni of this university is very strong and meaningful. They are well-caring and dedicated to each other in different situations. Outside of the campus the alumni enjoy reminiscences in different events at home and abroad as well on social media.

As a former student of the university, I would like to give some suggestions to the authorities concerned as well as the government to uphold the unique characteristics of this campus and ensure peaceful academic atmosphere.

Firstly, the authorities should not destroy the natural beauty of the campus in the name of development while constructing dormitories and academic buildings. Secondly, the authorities should strictly uphold the full-fledged residential character of the university by accommodating all students inside the campus.

Thirdly, the authorities should ensure a friendly environment for all students’ organisations on campus by ensuring equal opportunities irrespective of their political and ideological differences.

Finally, the authorities must pay keen attention to academic and research oriented activities with a view to building enlightened persons and a quality workforce for the nation.

I feel proud and become nostalgic while basking in sweet reminiscences of the campus which has enriched my identity, given a vast canvas to paint my dreams with the brush of imagination, opened my eyes to see the universe and enlightened my heart to differentiate between good and bad, between right and wrong. May my beloved JU live long and turn on the lights of knowledge to the thousand and millions of hearts, enlightening the world with the pure light of righteousness.

* The writer was a student of English department, and former president of Jahangirnagar University Journalists’ Association. He can be reached at [email protected]