TOP SHOTS (4 January 2024)

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Movement of the ferry was suspended due to fog from 9:00pm on Wednesday to 8:00am on Thursday. During this time, many passengers crossed the Padma and Jamuna in trawlers at great risk. The picture was taken from Goalanda in Rajbari on 4 January
M Rashedul Haque
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Jasim Uddin has cultivated cucumbers on 12 decimals of land. He is gathering cucumbers to sell in the market. The cucumbers will be sold at Tk 30 per kg. The picture was taken from Subornapur village in Cumilla on 4 January
M Sadek
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young plants including marigold are being sold at the nursery. Each seedling costs Tk 15 to Tk20. The picture is taken from Boldipukur area of Mithapukur in Rangpur on 4 January.
Moinul Islam