Flash flood: Roads underwater in Sylhet

Various villages in five upazilas of Sylhet district have gone underwater due to flash floods and heavy rain. Though the water has decreased a bit, the roads are still underwater as of Friday.

Communications between Gowainghat Sadar upazila and Sylhet district Sadar has been cut off as the only road to communicate is underwater. People have been moving wading through knee to waist-deep water.

Flash flood water has been flowing in parts of Companiganj upazila, creating waterlogging in and around the residences. The photos were taken by Anis Mahmud from Salutikar area in Gowainghat and Barni of Companiganj upazilas on Friday.

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Two men rowing a boat as the Gowainghat-Sylhet road is underwater. The engine of an auto-rickshaw stopped functioning as it fell in a pothole
Anis Mahmud
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People wading through knee-deep water in Salutikar area
Anis Mahmud
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A guardian carrying a cihld on his back in the knee-deep water in Salutikar area
Anis Mahmud
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Two men wading through water with strong current in Salitikar area
Anis Mahmud
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Engine of a CNG-run auto-rickshaw stopped functioning. That is why people chose boats over other modes of transportation
Anis Mahmud
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Many houses are surrounded by water
Anis Mahmud
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A man is in dire straits with his CNG-run auto-rickshaw
Anis Mahmud
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A house surrounded by water by Barni haor in Companiganj
Anis Mahmud
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A firm of geese washed away in the flash flood water
Anis Mahmud
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Flash flood water is still entering in the Barni haor area
Anis Mahmud