TOP SHOTS (29 June 2024)

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A farmer named Jalal Sheikh applies coats of tar on his boat to keep it in good shape. Photo taken from Baser Matobbor’s Dangi area in North Chanel of Faridpur on 29 June.
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The road and the bridge on the banks of Hakaluki haor is still submerged under flood water. This photo is taken from Deeghalbak area in Juri upazila of Moulvibazar on 29 June.
Kalyan Prasun
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As it is monsoon, it keeps pouring constantly. Yet, many have to get out of their homes for work. Two men hiding themselves under polythene sheet ride a cycle van amid the rain. Photo taken near Shiroil-Dhaka bus terminal in Rajshahi on 29 June.
Shahidul Islam
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Waterlogging creates endless sufferings for local residents. As a human hauler breaks down from water getting inside the engine, several men struggle to push it out of mud. Photo taken from Gendaria railway station road in Dhaka on 29 June.
Dipu Malakar
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A lone little black cormorant perches on a bamboo pole sticking out of the water. Photo taken from Bastuhara area in Khulna on 29 June.
Saddam Hossain
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A boy plays with a football in the water during a warm day at the El Cuilio pool in San Salvador, El Salvador on 28 June, 2024.
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The sun is pictured behind columns of smoke on a fire affected area in Pantanal, Corumba, Mato Grosso do Sul state, Brazil on 28 June, 2024.
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