Interview of Nahida Akter

‘Now we know our duty’

Today the Bangladesh team will fly to South Africa to play three ODIs and three T20s. Ahead of the new series Nahida talked about her bowling and the change of her team over phone with Prothom Alo


You were the highest wicket taker in the last ODI and T20 series against Pakistan. The team also clinched those series. How are you feeling about making a contribution to the winning of the side?

Feeling great. The team did well in the last two series. I also could make some impact. Under this situation, every player tries to do well. I also did that.

Q :

You have been playing in the Bangladesh team since 2015. Do you think you are at the peak of your career?

Yes. Everyone tries to make some contribution from the beginning for the side. Experience teaches you to do so on a regular basis. Perhaps that is happening now. The most important thing is, now the team is winning. If the team wins along with the personal performances, then one feels the true satisfaction. We want to take the Bangladesh side to a good position. My target is to make sure everyone says that I had some contribution in that journey.

Nahida Akter celebrates a wicket against Pakistan.

We hear a lot about the strength of spinners in the Bangladesh team, how would you see that as a spinner?

Feel good when we say our spin attack is good. The batting has also improved a lot. We are getting good results for that reason. Not only Bangladesh, you will see the spin department in most of the women teams around the world are strong.


But the spinners are getting some extra advantage on the home grounds…

Everyone wants to win on the home grounds. Every country takes home advantages. This is natural. We did well in the last one or two years, especially at home. Not doing bad in away matches either. We also got some success away from home.

Q :

You are the vice-captain of the Bangladesh team. What is the reason behind the recent success of the team?

Four to five of us are playing together in the national team for a long time. Now we know what our duty is. One is rejoicing with the success of others. Now our thinking is as a team. This mindset is working


What sort of chances are you seeing at the South Africa tour?

The confidence of recent success will definitely help. But the South African conditions will be different. Our spinners have to attack teamwise.

Nahida Akter bowls against Zimbabwe
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The number of matches for the women team has increased after you have been qualified for the women championship. With the increasing number of matches, the pressure for fitness must have increased?

Remaining fit is important. Now we play so many matches so remaining fit is paramount. We are emphasizing on fitness so much now but we did not use to focus that much in this regard before. Now, we are playing double the number of matches each year compared to that of the previous year. Now, one must have to stay fit. Only then one can play one series after another. Remaining fit is the most important thing.


It must be the biggest challenge for Bangladesh girls to ascend to the next step?

The important thing is how one is perceiving the matter. You can only play that much as long as you are fit. If you are a vital player the team will want you in every match even if there are too many matches. To fulfill that need, one has to be professional, and must stay fit.