He also took two days of preparation there to enter the ring and hoped to win against his Fijian rival. But, he is unlucky as the medical authority declared him unfit after his blood pressure was found high.

In this regard, Bangladesh team doctor Shafiqur Rahman said: “Actually, it is his misfortune. On the morning of the event, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure during a routine medical check-up. After resting for 15-20 minutes, he was tested again and found the same result. So, the authorities did not allow him to play because his (Sur Krishna) pressure was high.”

Later, he was brought to the pal clinic where the attending physicians tested him and found his pressure a bit high. An hour later, her blood pressure started to decrease and returned to normal. But, according to the rules of the Games, an athlete must have to pass a medical test before a certain time which he could not do, he added.

Terming it as bad luck Sur Krishna, who won the title in the country’s only professional boxing, said no nervousness worked in me. It may be due to a lack of good sleep last night.