RUET team clinches third place in Huawei ICT competition

The team from the RUET that has clinched the third position in Huawei ICT Competition 2023-2024 APAC Round.Courtesy

A team from the Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET) has clinched the third position in Huawei ICT Competition 2023-2024 APAC Round involving more than 6,400 students from 14 countries.

The announcement came at the APAC Award ceremony in Indonesian capital Jakarta on Thursday, stated a press release.

More than a thousand undergrad students from 25 universities of Bangladesh enrolled in this competition, launched last year. The students selected any of the given criteria namely network track, cloud track, computing track and innovation track.

Ten students from each track were initially selected in Bangladesh round based on their learning and exam performance. Afterwards one of the two teams from RUET took part in network track while the other took part in computing track.

Meanwhile, two CUET teams competed in cloud track and in computing track in the APAC round. Then finally the network track team from RUET secured their position in top three.

The winning team included Shuvam Agarwala, Rakesh Kar and Md Mazharul Islam from the department of computer science and engineering at RUET. The team attended the APAC award ceremony in Jakarta, Indonesia. They will head to the global round in Shenzhen, China next month.

Shuvam Agarwala, a member of the winning team from RUET said “This competition has provided us with many opportunities to learn new things about ICT and Network sector.”

“It has brought us to this international platform where standing with the Bangladeshi flag in front of all was a great experience. We are really thankful to Huawei for creating such amazing opportunity for us. We are looking forward to achieving more in the global round,” he added.

Board member of Huawei South Asia, Li Zongsheng (Jason) shared, “Huawei believes youth is the key driver for the development of any country. Bangladeshi youth who are large in numbers have great potential.”

“And with that belief, Huawei has been organising various initiatives for enhancing ICT knowledge of Bangladeshi students. My congratulations to the winning teams. We will continue working as a responsible corporate entity for the country’s talent development,” he added.

Md Azmain Yakin Srizon, assistant professor of CSE at RUET who accompanied the students said, “I am very proud to see my students representing our country in this global platform and making it to the top three.”

“I have observed that taking part in this competition has increased their knowledge and boosted their confidence. I want to thank Huawei for introducing such a great platform for my students,” he added.

More than 170 teams featuring more than 500 students from around 40 countries will participate in the global round, making this the largest offline global final since the first Huawei ICT Competition. This was the second time Bangladesh participated in the event, themed “Connection, Glory, and Future”.

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