Ragib Yasar Rahman of Tiger-71 team in the junior group, Tafsir Tahrim and Rafihat Saleh of RoboBangla team in the challenge group and Tashriq Ahmed, Ahmed Ishtiaq and Shoaib Abir of the revolution team won bronze medals in the creative category.

Ragib Yasar Rahman of Tiger-71 team in the junior group, Mir Umaima Haque and Eva Newaz of Monami team in the challenge group and Rafihat Saleh and TafsirTahrim of RoboBangla team won technical medals in the robot in movie competition. Zaria Musarrat and Syeda Laiba of Robo-Verse, Shadidur Rahman and Mahir Tajwar Chowdhury of Robo Dreamers and Sudipta Mandal and Mohammad Muhaiminul Islam of Team Matrix in Challenge Group won technical medals in the creative category.

Professor Lafifa Jamal, President of Bangladesh Robot Olympiad and a member of the Central Committee of the International Robot Olympiad, said, “It has not been long since the Bangladesh team started participating in the International Robot Olympiad. In 2018 we participated in the Robot Olympiad for the first time and won a gold medal. The Bangladesh team won three more medals that year. In 2019, the Bangladesh team won a gold, two silver, six bronze and one technical medals. As the number of gold medals has increased this year, so have the other medals. If this continuous improvement of the Bangladesh team can be maintained, it is possible to do something bigger in the future. I am optimistic about this.”

Due to the coronavirus situation, the International Robot Olympiad was held online this year. Under the supervision of the International Robot Olympiad Committee, the Olympiad was regulated from the South Korean city of Daegu. On 12 and 13 December the Bangladesh team participated in the 22nd International Robot Olympiad from the BCS Innovation Center in the capital. The theme for this year's International Robot Olympiad was 'Robot: The Future Transportation'.

Bangladesh has won three consecutive gold medals at the International Robot Olympiad in the junior group. This is the first time a gold medal has come in the challenge group.

The ICT Department of the Bangladesh Government, Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering Department of Dhaka University and Bangladesh Open Source network jointly organised the 3rd Bangladesh Robot Olympiad 2020 in collaboration with Bangladesh Computer Council as implementation partner. A total of 731 students from 62 districts of the country took part in the national phase of this competition. An international robot team selection camp was organised with the winners selected from the winners of the national event. A 19-member Bangladesh team was selected on the basis of the test and performance of the students who participated in the camp.

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