Bangladesh Public Service Commission has decided to publish circulars of 42nd and 43rd BCS examinations today, Monday.

A total of 2,000 physicians would be recruited from 42nd (special) BCS while 1,814 government officials through 43nd BCS, said BPSC sources.

Public administration ministry recently sent demand notes regarding the vaccant posts. Through the 43rd BCS, 843 persons will be recruited in education, 300 in the administration, 100 in police, 25 in foreign affairs, 35 in audit, 19 in tax, 14 in customs, 20 in cooperative, 75 as dental surgeons and 383 in other services.


BPSC has finalised process of appointment of 2,000 physicians through 42nd BCS examinations and amended the law required in this regard.

Over 400,000 students applied for preliminary examinations in 41st BCS against 2,135 posts.