DPS STS School Dhaka supports flood victims in Sylhet region

DPS STS Community Club recently ran an emergency response project titled ‘Project Poritran to extend a hand of support to the distressed families in the Sylhet region, said a press release.

Under this project, students of the Community Club collected emergency supplies, which they donated to the flood victims in Sylhet through JAAGO Foundation.

With over 80 per cent of the region becoming inundated, the situation in Sylhet has been very unsettling as people’s lives and livelihoods have been severely jeopardized.

Millions of people have been severely affected following the flash floods – they became homeless and lost farms and employment opportunities.

Many families had to endure the loss of family members, including the breadwinners, due to the devastating floods.

In the wake of such a situation, members of the DPS STS Community Club undertook a donation project titled ‘Project Poritran’, through which emergency food supplies, including puffed rice (muri), flattened rice (chira), dates (khejur), jaggery (gur), fried pulses (daal), and rice (chaal); medical supplies, including water purification tablets, saline packets, soaps, hand sanitizers, and hygiene products like sanitary napkins; and other miscellaneous items, including raincoats, umbrellas, and warm clothes, were distributed among the flood victims.

Besides, they are encouraging everyone to participate in the project and contribute whatever possible for the people in severe need of support.

Shivananda CS, principal of DPS STS School Dhaka, said, “We are very proud of our students for emphasizing the importance of helping those in need and undertaking this initiative to help the flood victims of Sylhet. I believe this project can make a positive difference in many lives and bring in a bright ray of hope in front of distressed families while inspiring others to stand beside the community.”