Twin brothers Raysan Ahmed Rahim and Rubayed Ahmed Rafi came to the event with their mother Kohinur Begum.

Rafi, who now studies at Notre Dame College, said their mother Kohinoor would teach them till midnight regularly after work.

Rafi wants to be an engineer and Rahim a doctor. They said the reception would encourage them more to continue good academic performance in the future.

Shaheed Anwar Girls School and College’s student Afsari Hossain came to the event from Moddho Badda with all five members of her family.

Apart from listening to the speeches of the guests and rendition of famous singers, the students were seen enjoying different rides of the park, hanging out with their friends.  

Mahfuzur Rahman and Mobarak Hossain, two students of DarunnazatSiddikia Kamil Madrasa in the city's Demra, said joining such a programme was a new experience for them as they got the chance to mingle with their fellows from different schools from Dhaka. 

Mahfuz said he wants to pursue law studies in either Dhaka University or Rajshahi University while Mobarak said he wants to study in Madina University. 

Ragib Nihal, who got GPA 5 from Mohammadpur Preparatory School and now studies at Dhaka Commerce College, was taking selfies with his mother in front of a miniature of Kantajir Mandir.

He said recognition from such a big event would inspire him to study more in HSC.

The celebration started in the morning as around eight thousand participants thronged the venue. The main event started after the lunch when popular singers Ritu Raj and Nandita, Somnur Monir Konal, Abonti Sithi, Arfan Mridha and Chirkut band enthrall the audience with their renditions. Actor Arifin Shuvoo and actress Afsana Ara Bindu took to the stage and congratulated the students. They also requested the participants to watch their movie ‘Unish20’ to be released at Chorki on 13 February.

Before the cultural event, Prothom Alo’s executive editor Sajjad Sharif brought Gono Shakkarata Ovijan’s executive director Rasheda K Chowdhury, Central Women’s University’s vice chancellor Perween Hasan and Independent University Bangladesh’s vice chancellor Tanweer Hasan to the stage.

“While you have become successful, many of your age are struggling to manage their livelihoods. Many girls are being married off before finishing school. You must also keep them in mind and do something about them,” Rasheda K Chowdhury said.

She urged the students not to be involved with any corruption and environmental pollution.

Parween Hasan urged the students not to flinch from new experiences and to follow their hearts.

Urging the students to be humane, Tanweer Hasan said, “You have to bounce back whenever failure comes. Always remember that life is not a 100-meter race, it’s a marathon. You must prepare yourself for that long journey.”

Not only in cricket, we want Bangladesh’s victory in every sector. You are the strength and future of the country. You must win this fight. Always respect your parents and teachers who were behind this success.
Matiur Rahman, Editor, Prothom Alo

Prothom Alo youth programme’s coordinator Munir Hasan made the students pledge to say no to drugs, memorization and lies. Shikho’s cofounder Zeeshan Zakaria highlighted the need for leading a disciplined life. Prothom Alo editor Matiur Rahman said, “Not only in cricket, we want Bangladesh’s victory in every sector. You are the strength and future of the country. You must win this fight. Always respect your parents and teachers who were behind this success.”

He also congratulated the parents, teachers and guardians of the students.

Conducted by Prothom Alo’s associate editor Sumana Sharmin, the event started with welcome speech from managing editor Anisul Hoque while executive editor Sajjad Sharif, Concord’s executive director Anup Kumar Sarker and student Sabiha Jamal, among others, spoke at the event.

Shikho-Prothom Alo GPA-5 reception event begun in Chattogram on 16 January. The event will be organized in 64 districts in phases and continue till 25 February.

This year’s celebration is being organized in association with Fresh, Concord, ATN Bangla and Prothom Alo Bondhushava and United Medical College and Hospital Limited.