International Math Olympiad takes off

Bangladesh team at the inaugural eventCourtesy

At 1:00pm Bangladesh time today, Monday, hundreds of students are taking part in the International Math Olympiad (IMO). They will be given four and half hours to solve three completely new mathematical problems. Six young Bangladeshi students are also taking part in the Olympiad. They are in Oslo, Norway, proudly carrying the green and red flag.

Earlier, on Sunday, after a two-year interval due to Covid, the 63rd International Math Olympiad began once again with direct in-person participation. The event was inaugurated at 3:00pm Norway local time.

The participants walked the 15 minute distance from their hotel to the venue at Oslo Concert Hall and joined in the colourful event. It was a perfect sunny day and the venue was even brighter with the presence of these young mathematicians from all over the world. Everyone was taking pictures with their national flags and with other teams too.

This time over 600 young participants from 104 countries are taking part in the IMO. After the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, this is the first in-person Olympiad taking place, adding to the excitement and enthusiasm. This is the 18th time that the Bangladesh green and red flag has joined in the contest.

The inaugural event was addressed by the Rector of the University of Oslo, Steven Stein, the Deputy Mayor of Oslo City, Abdullah Alsabeg, the Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs Trudeau, Masoide, and the President of the IMO, Geoff Smith.

Bangladesh team with deputy team leader and the two observers

Speaking at the inauguration, the IMO president Geoff Smith said, “After a long time, we are all able to participate directly in the Olympiad. IMO is not only a competition for all students, it is also a networking opportunity. It’s a festival for young mathematicians.”

The rector of Oslo University, Steven Stein, welcomed everyone to Oslo, and said, “Everyone is invited to Oslo. Mathematics is not the language of the mouth, the language of science. Understanding mathematics requires patience and effort. Congratulations to all the organisers including the students participating in the Maths Olympiad.”

The Bangladesh team members are SMA Nahiyan of Shamsul Haque Khan School and College, Md Ashraful Islam Fahim of Notre Dame College, Tahzib Hossain Khan of Anandamohan College, Nuzhat Ahmed Disha of Viqarunnisa Noon School and College, Tahmid Hamim Chowdhury of Notre Dame College and Md Foad Al lam of Dhaka Residential Model College. Also present there are deputy team leader and former IMO member Asif-e-Elahi and observers Tahnik Noor Sameen and Bangladesh Math Olympiad coordinator Baizid Bhuiyan.

The Bangladesh team under a blue Oslo sky

The Bangladesh Math Olympiad Committee, with support from Dutch-Bangla Bank and under Prothom Alo management, selected these six students from among 41,350 students from all over Bangladesh.