Online learning platform ‘Hasina & Friends’ launched on PM’s birthday

State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak takes a selfie with children after inaugurating the digital platform on Wednesday.Courtesy

On the occasion of the birthday of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the first Bangladeshi online learning platform for children and teenagers, Hasina & Friends has been launched under the initiative of ICT Division.

According to a press release, Hasina & Friends, a gift given by the prime minister on her birthday, was inaugurated on Wednesday in the presence of more than five hundred children and teenagers along with government officials and dignitaries at a grand ceremony at the Bangabandhu International Convention Centre in Dhaka.

It is the first online learning platform made in Bangladesh for children and teenagers. The platform includes a variety of educational stories and interactive games for children between the ages of 6-12 and teenagers between 13-16.

The contents are categorised on the environment, health, education, and connectivity for all age groups.

The platform was built with the pure intention of ensuring that the future generation learns about the history, culture, and values of Bangladesh in the new digital era.

With the slogan of “Learn and Play every day”, the youngsters will learn something new every day from the prime minister herself through interactive games and stories that mesmerize them.

At the inaugural function, Zunaid Ahmed Palak, state minister for ICT, introduced the platform and highlighted its importance. He said, “The internet enables us to learn about the environment, health, and other topics. This learning process needs to be enjoyable and fun, so that learning can be done while playing.

“One such platform for children and teenagers is ‘Hasina and Friends’. Through this they will know how to take care of trees, how to save the environment and climate. We have designed the game to make these things easy to understand. In this, children, teenagers can learn while playing and gain knowledge while singing.”

On the occasion, NM Ziaul Alam, senior secretary to ICT Division, explained the future plans of the platform.

The program began with the national anthem followed by a theme song along with the animated video of Hasina & Friends. A tutorial video was also shown on how to easily use the platform. In addition, puppet shows, magic shows, and games like Plinko board were there to entertain the children.

A cake-cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the birthday of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, followed by distribution of gift bags and food among the children and guests present there.

The event concluded with a message that encourages the future generation to accentuate the slogan “Learn and Play Every day” so that they truly learn everything in a playful manner.