BCS admin cadre, BB AD and assistant judge - Basit gets all three jobs

BCS admin cadre, BB AD and assistant judge--Basit gets all three jobsCollected

Becoming BCS cadre officer, an assistant director (AD) at the Bangladesh Bank and an assistant judge at the Bangladesh Judicial Service Commission (BJSC) is a dream for job seekers.

Dreams comes true when a job seeker gets one of these lucrative jobs.

Abdul Basit Molla, a graduate of Dhaka University’s law department, obtained three such jobs. On top of it, he also secured a position as a legal officer at Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation.

In the recently published final results of the 43rd BCS, Basit secured the fifth position in the admin cadre. He stood the 9th in the merit list for the assistant judge recruitment examination and the 16th position in the job examination for the assistant director (General) post at Bangladesh Bank.

While employed as a legal officer at the Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation, Abdul Basit received the result for the Bangladesh Bank AD in 2022. Subsequently, he switched from there and assumed the position of assistant director.

Following this, upon his appointment as an assistant judge in the 14th BJS, he resigned from his position as assistant director at Bangladesh Bank and he commenced his role there in March 2023. Currently, he serves as an assistant judge at the District and Sessions Judge Court in Bhola.

Basit Molla told Prothom Alo, “As a law student, my aspiration was to become a judge. Following my graduation in December 2019, I applied for the 13th BJS. Subsequently, the job circulars for the 41st BCS and the assistant director (General) position at Bangladesh Bank were published.”

"As a new graduate, I applied to Bangladesh Bank and BCS out of personal interest. The final result for the 13th BJS was disclosed in December 2020, and unfortunately, I did not succeed in the oral exam. It was disheartening for me. However, the preliminary examinations for Bangladesh Bank and BCS had not yet taken place at the time,” Basit said.

After failing the viva voce for the assistant judge post, Basit reconsidered his plans.

He said, "The BCS preparation alone can make one ready for all other jobs. However, if you concentrate on the judiciary, your preparation is limited to judiciary jobs. If you face setbacks there, it can pose a significant risk. I completed my post-graduation final exam in January 2021 and then began preparing for the BCS exam. Although I studied for the judiciary, it was not my primary focus.”

“After witnessing the quick recruitment process in banks during the 41st BCS preliminary exam, I decided to target a grade-9 government job alongside my BCS preparations. To streamline my bank exam preparation, I carefully analysed the process and purchased only two books to ensure comprehensive coverage. This approach allowed me to prepare for a variety of job exams,” Basit continued.

"If I had become an assistant judge in the 13th BJS, I wouldn't have considered other job options. The success in securing all three jobs – BCS cadre, a position at the bank, and assistant judge – can be attributed to thorough preparation for exams,” he said.

“During my time at the law department, my observations were primarily confined to judges who hailed from our department. Rarely did I witness my seniors pursuing alternative occupations. Initially, I aspired to become a judge. However, after facing initial setbacks, I expanded the scale of my preparations,” he continued.

“Some of my friends, who graduated from other departments, secured jobs during that period. I did not perceive myself as a less capable student than those. Hence, I decided to embark on BCS preparation.

Simultaneously, there was an inclination to strive for a senior officer position in a bank. However, the first opportunity that arose was the Bangladesh Bank AD exam, in which I secured the 16th position out of 181. Hence, I chose not to participate in the viva voce for the senior bank officer position,” he said.

When inquired about his preparation for the Bangladesh Bank AD, BCS, and assistant judge recruitment, Basit said, “I had intensive preparation for the BCS exam in 2021. Having previously attempted the judiciary exam, I focused on my graduation studies with regular revisions. To manage the workload and avoid excessive pressure, I opted for just two books for bank job preparation, ensuring it didn't hamper my BCS preparation. I aimed for consistent and regular study habits, dedicating time from mid-January to November 2021 to cover new materials daily. The size of the books did not intimidate me; reading 10 pages each day allowed me to finish a 300-page book within 30 days.”

“Another advantage was the similarity in the syllabus of the bank exam, the judiciary exam and the BCS exam. It proved to be beneficial to me."

When asked about his final choice among the three jobs, Abdul Basit Molla said, "Various suggestions were offered by family and well-wishers, and I had my own internal conflicts. However, at present, the administration cadre seems more suitable for me."

Hailing from Barguna district, Abdul Basit Molla achieved a GPA-5 in the science group in the SSC from Galachipa Model Secondary School in 2012 and a GPA-5 in science in the HSC from Amtali Government College, Barguna, in 2014. Subsequently, he got admission to the law department at Dhaka University.