Awareness 360 cofounders Shomy Chowdhury, 26, and Rijve Arefin, 26, on social impact category.

Shomy and Arefin cofounded Awareness 360 to bring together young people wanting to improve the lives of others. The Kuala Lumpur-based NGO now has 1,500 volunteers in 23 countries who hold talks and workshops on handwashing, water-filtration methods and personal hygiene, among other environmental initiatives.

Obhizatrik Foundation founder Ahmed Imtiaz Jami, 27, on social impact category.

Founded in 2010, Obhizatrik Foundation works on poverty elimination, education, health and nutrition, human rights and the environment.

Hydroquo+ cofounder Rizvana Hredita, 28, and Md Zahin Rohan Razeen, 22, on social impact category.

Hydroquo+ uses AI to improve water management. Founded in 2018, Hydroquo+ has developed systems and technology to detect anomalies in water and analyse water quality.

Pickaboo cofounder Morin Talukder, 27, on retail and e-commerce category.

Morin co-founded the online store that sells everything from mobile phones to home appliances, apparel and makeup. Pickaboo was one of the first online retailers in Bangladesh to introduce a monthly instalment payment plan, same-day delivery and a customer membership program, and it now plans to open 150 physical stores across the country by the end of 2021

A total of nine Bangladeshis made the lists published from 2016 to 2020 while nine got listed in this year alone.