DRMC to hold their 1st National Business Carnival 2023

A business festival is an excellent platform for students to gain exposure to industry professionals and learn about the latest trends and developments in the business world. And, to give students that excellent platform, Dhaka Residential Model College’s Business and Career Club is organizing “1ST DRMC NATIONAL BUSINESS CARNIVAL 2023”, which will be held from 10 to 12 March with 23 amazing segments to participate in.

DRMC Business and Career Club is one of the most renowned clubs of Dhaka Residential Model College with more than 100+ active members. Along with the vision "Together We Can Do So Much", it has been organizing various workshops and seminars every year; aiming to connect students to business and enhancing their skills. But this time, the members of the executive council got together and planned to organize the first biggest business festival in the country; with the goal to promote the right guidance in business and career building. This great idea got more than enough support from the principal of DRMC and all the teachers.

In the carnival there will be different types of Olympiads, including accounting, finance, marketing, management, economics, analytical ability and general knowledge. Moreover, every student, regardless their background, can participate in the other segments; extempore speech (Bangla and English), startup business idea, business debate, case study, product photography, product design, t-shirt design, television commercial, sell me this, poster presentation, wall magazine, scrapbook display and project display. To make this event much more memorable, there will be segments like stand-up comedy and celebrity adda.

In the celebrity adda session of 10 March, there will to be Ashikur Rahman Tushar, one of the most prominent tech reviewers of the country and the owner of the YouTube channel “ATC Android ToTo Company” with 1.74 million subscribers; along with Iftekhar Rafsan, the famous food vlogger with 1.36 million subscribers, who we all know as ‘Rafsan the chotobhai’ and renowned content creator Tawhid Afridi with 5.72 million subscribers. On the last day of the carnival 12 March, there will be an exciting session on marketing and business strategies named “Career Talks.” Famous content creator Nafees Salim will be sharing his expertise with the students while presenting about 'Killer Marketing and Business Strategies.’

The festival’s radio partner is ‘DHAKA FM 90.4’, media partner MyTV, while their strategic partner is ‘UJJIBON’, a career counseling and community organization with aspirations of creating a forum to support disengaged midlife individuals in improving their skills and achieving self-sufficiency.To promote the festival in everywhere possible, the DRMC Business and Career Club choose 46 campus ambassadors from different schools and colleges throughout the country.16 different clubs from various educational institutes also came forward to join the club partnership for this event. By being a club partner, other clubs would get the opportunity to establish a green image of their clubs and institutions.

MD Ahecanul Hoque Akib, the organizing secretary of the DRMC Business and Career Club told Prothom Alo English Online that, “We, the DRMC Business and Career Club are giving our warmest invitation to you to be the special guest at the upcoming ‘1st DRMC National Business Carnival 2023’ arranged by our club. Our goal is for students across all departments to acquire a profound comprehension of business and cultivate a favorable disposition towards it. Furthermore, we aspire for individuals to gain consciousness of their career prospects and utilize this program to explore relevant knowledge.”

He also stated that, “The festival aims to bring out the startup business ideas and create entrepreneurs. We hope to engage a crowd of more than 1000 participants from more than 100 institutions and 12000+visitors by creating the largest platform for the students to show their talents.”

Attending a business festival can be an incredibly rewarding experience for students. It is going to provide an opportunity for students to gain exposure to various aspects of the business world, such as marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. Students can participate in the Olympiads to showcase their skills and knowledge in these areas while competing against their peers from different institutions. Additionally, by participating in segments such as business plan competitions, case studies, and design related works, students can learn about the latest trends and best practices in various industries, as well as develop important skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Overall, the DRMC business carnival is not just going to be an opportunity for students to compete and have fun, but it is also going to provide a space for learning and growth.

It doesn’t matter if a student’s educational background is business related or not. Students of all levels of schools, colleges, universities of the country can participate in this business carnival. “1ST DRMC NATIONAL BUSINESS CARNIVAL 2023” is open to everyone and anyone as visitors. To know more about the event, visit (https://fb.me/e/2DDgkuZPU)

* M Rahman is a 11th grader of Dhaka City College who loves animals, taekwondo and Korean culture