Institutes with zero passed students go up to 50 from 5

Education ministryProthom Alo illustration

The number of education institutes without any passed students in the 2022 Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent exams is 50, which is 10 times more than the previous year.

The results of last year’s HSC and equivalent exams were published on Wednesday.

At noon, education minister Dipu Moni spoke in detail about the results at a press conference at the International Mother Language Institute in Segunbagicha, Dhaka.

This time, 11,77,387 candidates appeared at the exam from 9,139 educational institutes. Out of them, 10,11,987 passed with a passing rate of 85.95 per cent.

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When asked why the number of institutes without any passing candidates has increased 10 times in just one year, the education minister said, “Last year the exam was held in a curtailed manner on just three subjects. At that time, majority did well. That’s why the passing rate was nearly 95 per cent. This time, the tests took place on 12 papers, that’s why not everyone did well. Hence, the number of institutes without any passing students has increased.”

Dipu Moni brought up the example of last year’s SSC results, where the number of institutes without any passing candidate was also 50.

She said that only a few of those institutes were part of the government’s Monthly Payment Order (MPO) list. Those institutes were asked to provide information on why it happened, which they did.

In the first week of March, a workshop will be held for those institutions. A similar initiative will be taken for the institutes with zero passed students in the HSC exam.