Prothom Alo acts smartly: Mahfuz Anam

Daily Star editor Mahfuz Anam has said Prothom Alo is the best newspaper of Bangladesh as the daily is discharging its duty of informing people in the best possible manner.

He said, "Prothom Alo means respects to me."

Mahfuz Anam said these while speaking at an event to mark the 24th anniversary of Prothom Alo at Krishibid Institution Auditorium on Sunday.

The senior journalist said he respects Prothom Alo for three reasons. Firstly, for its editor Matiur Rahman, who is the best editor of Bangladesh and he has been proving it for 24 years. Secondly, Prothom Alo is the best platform for those who want to serve the country, stand by the people and speak the truth. Third reason is Prothom Alo’s good taste and creativity.

“Prothom Alo’s outlook is so smart. Look how elegant the lay-out of every page, see its prudence in colour combination and selection of headlines,” said the leading English daily’s editor.

Mahfuz Anam said Prothom Alo always strives for creativity and always does something new and elegant.

Mahfuz Aman showed its respect to Prothom Alo for its courage. “Prothom Alo continues to amaze us by revealing even amid such pressure and through investigative journalism, strong editorial and very attractive op-eds,” he said.

Mentioning the changing global trend is against independent journalism, Mahfuz Anam said chauvinism, racism, religion-based politics, and damage in check and balance among executive, legislature and judiciary of the state -- these are against independent journalism.

He said the government or the executive has been far more powerful and the legislature and the judiciary have become weak in many countries including Bangladesh.

The journalism of Prothom Alo and The Daily Star is the best example of following integrity, honesty and patriotism.

Mahfuz Anam told the Porhom Alo’s employees that, “At present, your responsibilities are to speak for people and against racism, religious fanaticism.”

Citing journalism is truly the best profession, “Mahfuz Anam further said, “You should realise from your heart that you are involved with the best newspaper of Bangladesh and representative of best newspaper.”

He mentioned technological transformation as a challenge to journalism and advised the journalists adapting to it.