Prothom Alo 22nd Anniversary

Mohsin, the early bird

Mohsin Mollah wakes up at the crack of dawn every day – he has been doing for the last 29 years. Then he goes out, collects the newspapers and delivers these to people’s doorsteps

Even during lockdown, Mohsin would deliver newspapers everyday

Prothom Alo 22nd Anniversary

Neglected health policy and the state of healthcare

The health policy that was passed in parliament on 31 May 2011 after a long process naturally created huge public expectations

Neglected health policy and the state of healthcare

COVID-19: Urbanisation process needs to be more pro-poor

This COVID-19, with tremendous fallout, has churned our traditional thoughts of development as well, and pushed for newer thoughts

Many people left cities amid the outbreak of novel coronavirus disease

Prothom Alo celebrates 22nd anniversary maintaining health guidelines

Prothom Alo has celebrated its 22nd founding anniversary through various programmes maintaining social distancing and health guidelines.

Prothom Alo editor Matiur Rahman along with senior officials cut cake celebrating 22nd founding anniversary at the daily's office in Karwan Bazar on Wednesday.

Prothom Alo 22nd anniversary

Bangladesh's advancement inevitable

Just as the prospects of Bangladesh's growth have been downplayed and understated, the eradication of poverty has also been exaggerated. But there is no scope to deny that the rate of poverty has ...

Bangladesh's advancement inevitable

Interview: Mahfuz Anam

'Journalism faces a great opportunity for change'

Mahfuz Anam speaks in an interview with Prothom Alo about journalism in this country, as well as the challenges and possibilities that lie ahead.

Mahfuz Anam

The people whose photos don’t go viral

The 'Stay Home' campaign did not take into consideration the hunger pangs of the rickshaw-pullers, the day labourers, the shopkeepers and more

Rickshaw puller Fazlur Rahman cries as his battery-run rickshaw was destroyed during the eviction drives by Dhaka city corporation

Prothom Alo turns 22

May good journalism flourish

The economy is in turmoil, livelihoods are in crisis. The media is affected too. Yet in the midst of this prolonged crisis, Prothom Alo continues in its responsibility to quench people's thirst for ...

May good journalism flourish

We believe in light

We want to see victory for Bangladesh

Our motto this time is "We believe in light'. This light is of information, the light of truth, the light of humanity and progress.

We want to see victory for Bangladesh
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