Rifat killing: Group of 20 joined hands


The killing of Rifat Sharif in Barguna was premeditated, involving at least 20 people, the police has said.

Most of the 20 collaborators came to the spot following a message on the Facebook group 'Bond 007' which was initiated by the prime accused Sabbir Ahmed aka Nayan Bond. Nayan Bond was killed on Tuesday in a reported gunfight with the police.

According to officials involved in the police investigation, six among the 11 detained in connection with the incident, have confessed their involvement in the murder.

Among the six, Sagar and Nazmul Islam gave statements on Friday. Earlier four accused-Chandan, Md. Hassan, and Oliullah and Tanvir Hassan-made statements before the court. The first three were named in the charge sheet.

All the six confessing under article 164 said they were present at the spot during the killing, though the murder was not discussed in the social media group earlier, according to the law enforcement officials.

Sabbir Bond and the Farazee brothers, Rifat and Rishan, led the killing, according to the confessions. Rifat was detained but Rishan is still at large.

A police officer on condition of anonymity said Oliullah and Tanvir as well as others told the court that the 20 people, divided in small units, carried out the killing.

One of the units made sure that no one could come up and save Rifat while another secured the motorcycles of the attackers to be used later to flee.

Locals do not believe the murder took place over any relationship. According to several residents of Barguna, Rifat was seen with Nayan a few months ago but recently was seen with Nayan's rival group.

Four of the defendants confessed to being involved in the killing, additional police super of Barguna and investigation officer Md. Shahjahan confirmed.