Bundles of banknotes of US dollarsReuters

Bangladesh Bank (BB) once again devalued taka against US dollar, raising the exchange value of the dollar by 50 paisa to Tk 93.95 a dollar.

The central bank sold 79 million dollars to the banks at the newly set price.

Bangladesh Bank spokesperson Sirajul Islam confirmed the matter of taka depreciation to Prothom Alo.

BB depreciated Taka against dollar by 50 paisa to Tk 93.45 from Tk 92.95 on 28 June last – the day the central bank sold 42 million dollars.

The price of a dollar has increased to Tk 93.95 from Tk 86 in the last three months – which the BB calls interbank price. Although the price has been fixed, dollar is not being exchanged in this price. There has been a gap of price of Tk 5-6 per dollar between the central bank and commercial banks in the country.