The election commission has sent Faridpur region election officer Mostafa Faruk into forced retirement without showing any specific reason.

The commission on Sunday issued a gazette notification in this regard. However, no specific reason has been mentioned in the notification.

According to the notification signed by EC secretariat's secretary Md Jahangir Alam, Mostafa Faruk has been sent on forced retirement in public interest in line with the section 45 of the 'Public Service Act, 2018'.

As per section 45 of the 'Public Service Act, 2018, if any public servant completes 25 years, the government can send him on forced retirement without showing any reason in public interest. However, the president being the recruitment authority, in that case, the president's approval has to be taken.

EC officials said Mostafa Faruk joined the election commission in June 1996.

Ahead of the 11th parliament election and the 5th upazila parishad election, an allegation of huge irregularities was raised over training allowance for government and non-government officials at different levels.

Election training institute conducted this training. At the time the institute's director general was Mostafa Faruk. EC gave over Tk 30 million as allowance creating several posts including 'special speaker', 'course adviser' as trainers.

Media outlets ran reports over these irregularities. Later the audit department raised an objection. They said several posts created by EC for election training are not approved by the finance ministry. Financial loss of the state has been incurred for providing allowance.