Police said a case would be filed for the attack on an ambulance in the New Market area during the clashes on Tuesday. The first round of clashes took place last Monday night. No case was registered in that incident.

On Tuesday, the students and the traders locked into clashes again and continued throughout the day. A pedestrian named Nahid Hossain, 20, who was injured in the collision, died at night while undergoing treatment. Many, including 12 newspersons, sustained injuries during the clash. Some of them are seriously injured and are undergoing treatment at different hospitals.

Due to the clash, the traffic movement from Science Lab to New Market on Mirpur came to a standstill. As a result, the traffic movement on nearby roads was almost halted. The shops in the Nilkhet and New Market area were closed as well.

Students, shop owners and employees moved away from the road after 10.30pm last night after repeated clashes all day. Later, the Nilkhet-New market road was reopened for the commuters.

Earlier, employees of two fast food restaurants locked into an altercation over placing a table during iftar on Monday. As a result, Bappi, an employee of Welcome Fast Food, was beaten by Kawsar, an employee of a restaurant named Capital Fast Food. To take revenge, Bappi attacked Kawsar along with some students of Dhaka College. Later, the people of Kawsar beat the students up and drove them out of the market which instigated the clashes between the students and the traders of New Market.

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