"This practice must stop. Whether it’s a government, semi-government or private establishment, we’ll take tough action against those who’ll cause public sufferings,” he added.

Meanwhile, a DNCC team led by executive magistrate Parsia Sultana seized huge amount of construction materials from the streets and sold them in an open auction at a price of Tk 1.85 million.

Atiqul added that people have to be more aware to prevent dengue from spreading.

“People’s awareness is a must for tackling such a deadly disease as dengue. This year, we’ve taken steps against dengue long before the start of monsoon and as a result, the spread of disease has been contained to a great extent. We need peoples’ support for gaining complete control over dengue,” added the DNCC mayor.

During the campaign, mayor Atiqul also informed that free dengue check-up has been made available in a total of 44 city health centers. He also requested everyone to go to hospital and receive treatment immediately if affected with the dengue.

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