Shazneen Tasnim Rahman

Today, 23rd April, marks the 23rd death anniversary of Shazneen Tasnim Rahman. She was brutally murdered on this day, 23 years ago, at her home in Gulshan, Dhaka. Shazneen was just 15 years old at the time and a Class 9 student of Scholastica.

Shazneen was the daughter of the late chairman of Transcom Group, Latifur Rahman, and the present chairman Shahnaz Rahman. She was the youngest of four siblings. Her Simeen Rahman is the CEO of Transcom Group.

The case regarding the rape and murder of Shazneen on 23 April 1998 was tried at the Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal. On 2 September 2003, the court delivered the verdict, sentencing six persons to death for planning and aiding in the rape and murder of Shazneen. They are the domestic help Shahidul Islam (Shahid), a contractor in charge of renovating the house Syed Sajjad Mainuddin Hasan, his assistant Badal, domestic help Estema Khatun Minu and her sister Parvin, and carpenter Shaniram Mandal.

After the lower court verdict, the death reference went to the High Court for approval. The accused appealed to the High Court against the verdicts and on 10 July 2006, Shaniram was acquitted. The death sentence of the remaining five was upheld.

Hasan, Badal, Minu and Parvin filed an appeal with Appellate Division against the High Court Verdict. Shahidul, sentenced to death, filed a jail appeal. The Appellate Division granted the appeals of Hasan, Badal, Minu and Parvin, but dismissed Shahidul’s jail appeal.

The apex court also rejected Shahidul’s review petition. He was hanged in the night of 29 November 2017 for the murder of Shazneen.