India declines to comment on BNP's rejection to polls schedule 

Indian foreign ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi

India has declined to comment on the rejection of the polls schedule by the key opposition party in Bangladesh, saying, "It won’t be appropriate for us to comment on that." 

In a briefing in New Delhi on Thursday, the spokesman for the Indian ministry of external affairs, Arindam Bagchi, also provided no clarification regarding the reported differences with the United States regarding the election in Bangladesh.

Responding to a query, he said India has repeatedly highlighted its position on Bangladesh's election that it is a matter to be decided by the people of Bangladesh themselves. 

Regarding the reported differences between India and the US, Arindam Baghchi said the 2+2 ministerial meeting discussed the Bangladesh issue among others and India clearly shared its perspective there.

Earlier, India played a crucial role in making national polls of Bangladesh participatory. When asked about India’s perspective this time as the key opposition party in Bangladesh rejected the polls schedule, the spokesperson said India has repeatedly emphasised that it is up to the people of Bangladesh to decide their voting and democratic system.

However, he declined to make any statement on his country’s previous role in the election of Bangladesh.