Chancellor of the University Cherie Blair led the team.

Prime minister’s speech writer Md. Nazrul Islam briefed newspersons after the call on.

The prime minister mentioned that the prime task of her government is to ensure overall development of the country including food, education and healthcare for all.

In this regard, she asked the AUW representatives to provide that educational curriculum which will make them entrepreneurs and skilled to build them as human resources to face the challenges that are coming in future.

The whole world is witnessing this, no one is taking any step against it
Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on women education in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan

“Not only the general education, but provide the education which will make them skilled, not create unemployed,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina mentioned that she donated the land for the university. “Women education is essential for development for any country,” she said.

She briefly described various programmes of her government during her tenures.

While the issue of Afghanistan came during the meeting, the prime minister said that there is no scope to stop the education for the women in the name of Islam.

She also mentioned that Islam always patronises the equal rights of man and women.

In this regard, she said that she also faced serious opposition regarding the women leadership while she joined the politics.

Regarding the Afghanistan issue, Sheikh Hasina further said that the present Afghanistan government forcibly stop the education for the women.

“The whole world is witnessing this, no one is taking any step against it,” she said.

She mentioned that she devoted her life for the development of the country and its people.

Talking about Rohingya issue, the prime minister said that the government is imparting education Rohingya children with their own language.

Education minister Dipu Moni, prime minister’s principal secretary M Tofazzel Hossain Miah, foreign secretary Masud Bin Momen and AUW vice chancellor Rubana Huq were also present here.