People lack confidence in country’s healthcare: Health minister

Health minister Samanta Lal Sen addresses a press conference at the health ministry on 28 January 2024Health minister

Health minister Samanta Lal Sen has said people do not have confidence in the country's healthcare services, so they go abroad for treatment. He stressed boosting people’s confidence on healthcare services in the country.

The minister made these remarks while addressing a press conference on Sunday. The health ministry organised the press conference to brief on the 145th meeting of World Health Organisation in Geneva, the joining of Saima Wazed, daughter of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, as WHO’s regional director for South-East Asia.

Mentioning Saima Wazed will join as WHO’s regional director for South-East Asia on 1 February, the health minister said, “This is big achievement for our country. She is not only the daughter of our prime minister, she is also a known face globally for working on autism.”

Samanta Lal Sen said, “Many people are going abroad to receive treatment due to lack of confidence in the country's healthcare. On the other hand, people are coming to Dhaka to receive treatment as they do not have trust in treatment at the grassroots. People are going abroad from Dhaka to receive treatment. I understand a lack of confidence works among people everywhere.”

The health minister then stressed boosting the standard of healthcare services so that people no longer lack confidence while receiving treatment. He said he would decentralise the healthcare system.

A WHO delegation will visit Bangladesh to look into whether Bangladesh is capable to manufacture vaccines, he added.