He further said some media in Bangladesh are creating confusion over the correction brought in the passport. But Bangladesh’s position about Israel is very clear. Bangladesh has not changed its position about Palestine.

According to the foreign ministry sources, Bangladesh government excluded the section about Israel from e-passport around six months ago.

Palestine ambassador Yousef SY Ramadan expressed dismay over removing the sentence “Valid for travelling except to Israel” from the e-passport of Bangladesh and hoped that Bangladesh would restore it. Bangladesh government said the ban on travel of Bangladeshi passport holders to Israel remains unchanged. The government has not deviated from its position on Israel and Bangladesh remains firm on its longstanding position in this regard.

The removal “… has been done to maintain international standard of Bangladeshi e-passports and does not imply any change of Bangladesh’s foreign policy towards the Middle East,” said a foreign ministry media release.

Palestine was given as gift US $50,000 and medicines worth Tk 4 million (40 lakhs) for the families affected due to the recent airstrikes by Israel.

Yousef SY Ramadan thanked Bangladesh for the gifts.

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