Russia thanks Bangladesh for abstaining from UN vote

United Nations General AssemblyReuters

Russia has thanked Bangladesh for abstaining to vote in favour of the latest resolution adopted at the United National General Assembly on the Ukraine situation.

A resolution calling for a halt to the Russia-Ukraine war was adopted yesterday, Thursday, at the United Nations. It called for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine in light of the UN Charter. A total of 32 countries, including Bangladesh, China, India and Pakistan, abstained from voting. The Russian embassy in Dhaka thanked Bangladesh in a tweet.

A total of 141 countries voted in favour of the resolution at the emergency special session of the UN General Assembly. Ukraine, Poland, the US, UK and almost all western countries voted in favour of an immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. Seven countries voted against the resolution. These were Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Syria, Mali, Eritrea and Nicaragua.

Meanwhile, 32 countries abstained for voting. These included Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Bolivia, Iran, Cuba, Ethiopia, South Africa, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.