Order to dismiss Deputy Attorney General Imran issued

Imran Ahmad Bhuiyan

A notification has been issued, releasing Deputy Attorney General Imran Ahmed Bhuiyan from his post. The law ministry issued a notification in this regard on Thursday. The notification stated that this dismissal was made in accordance with an order issued by the president.

Imran Ahmed came into focus over remarks he made concerning the statements about Nobel laureate economist Dr Muhammad Yunus. Law minister Anisul Huq on Friday morning made a statement about Imran Ahmad's dismissal.

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The notification issued by the Solicitor Wing of the Law and Justice Division, stated that under Section 4(1) of the Bangladesh Law Officers Order 1972, Deputy Attorney General Imran Ahmed Bhuiyan has been relieved from service.

A total of 160 world leaders, including former US state secretary Hillary Clinton and UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon, wrote to prime minister Sheikh Hasina, expressing concern for initiating a case against Dr Muhammad Yunus filed for breach of labour law and graft charges and demanding suspension of the trial.

Deputy attorney general Imran Ahmed Bhuiyan told the newspersons that over 107 Nobel laureates, former president of the US, secretary of state and many others issued a statement in favour of Dr Yunus saying that he has recently been targeted by what they believe to be continuous judicial harassment.

Claiming that countering the open letter a statement will be issued from the office of attorney general, the state’s law officer said, “A notice has been issued to all the people who work at the office of attorney general to sign the statement. I have decided that I won’t sign the statement.”

Imran Ahmed Bhuiyan said, “I agree with the statement of over hundred people including former US president Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.”

Speaking to the newspersons the following day during an event at the National Press Club, law minister Anisul Haque said, “He (Imran Ahmed Bhuiyan) is an acting deputy attorney general. If he wants to talk to the media, he must resign first or else he must seek permission from the attorney general. However, he didn’t do that. He broke the discipline.”

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