Boro paddy worth Tk 1 billion damaged in haor

Onrush of water from hill has damaged Boro paddy in haor area of Sunamganj. Farmers are cutting half-ripe paddy as water rises in haor. The picture was taken from Dakshin Sunamganj upazila on Monday.Anis Mahmud

Onrush of water from the upper riparian region has damaged Boro paddy worth nearly Tk 1 billion in Sunamganj and Habiganj.

Sunamganj district agriculture department on Monday said crops of a total of 17 big and small haors and beels have been damaged. The amount of damaged lands stands at 5,510 hectares.

Habiganj's Lakhai upazila agriculture office said water from upper riparian entered haors via Pani Kalni and Meghna rivers. Paddy of 500 hectares of land of Lakhai sadar, Bamoi and Bulla unions has been inundated.

Onrush of water from the upper riparian region has broken dams one after another and overflows washed away Boro paddy of haor in Sunamganj. Lastly, water entered Huramandira haor after breaking the dam in Dirai upazila on Sunday night. Earlier, crops in Gurmar haor of Tahirpur upazila were inundated in the afternoon on the day.

Onrush of water damaged crops of several haors in Habiganj. Farmers are cutting half-ripe paddy out of fear for the situation getting worse.

According to the agriculture department, six tonnes of paddy grow on one hectare of land, which costs Tk 1,62,000 as per kg Tk 27. As per the estimation, Boro paddy worth Tk 892.6 million has been damaged.

In Habiganj, crops on 500 hectares of land worth Tk 81 million have been damaged. In total, Boro paddy worth Tk 973.6 million has been damaged.

Onrush of water from the upper riparian region started from 30 March. Crops had been damaged after breaking of a dam at Nazarkhali area of Tanguar haor at Tahirpur upazila in Sunamganj on 2 April. The largest haor, that has been damaged so far, is Chaptir haor at Dirai upazila. Crops were damaged after breaking its dam on 7 April. At the time the crops were not ripe. Boro on 4,800 hectares of land was cultivated here. However, the agriculture department has shown crops on 3,500 hectares of land were damaged.

Local farmer at Chandipur village, Abul Khair, said, "This estimate is made by the agriculture department on whims. All paddies were unripe."

Crops were damaged after breaking dams of Huramandira haor of the same upazila on Sunday night. The agriculture department said there are 1,000 hectares of land here, but crops on 200 hectares of land have been damaged.

Jogadol union parishad chairman Humayun Rashid said, "All people of the union had cultivated paddy in Chaptir haor and Huramandira haor. All paddies have been inundated. No paddy has been cut from Chaptir haor. People have cut half-ripe paddy at Huramandira haor, and that would not exceed half of the total amount."