Accused Sanjida makes 'no comment' over torturing IU student

Islamic University Chhatra League VP Sanjida Chowdhury and Tabassum Islam

Two female leaders of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL), who allegedly tortured Fulpori Khatun, a first-year female student of Islamic University (IU) at Deshratna Sheikh Hasina Hall, appeared before the probe body-- formed to investigate the incident -- on Monday.

Both the accused -- Sanjida Chowdhury, university unit BCL vice-president and Tabassum, another BCL leader -- talked to the journalists after giving their statements separately to the university's probe body, headed by professor Reba Mandal.   

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When asked about the veracity of the brutality they carried out, Sanjida replied, "No comment" while Tabassum said she told the investigative committee whatever she needed to say. "I don't want to say anything beyond this."      

Sanjida was called first for her statements over the allegation around 9:30am at the office of professor Reba Mandal at Mir Mosharraf Hossain academic building of the university.

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She came out of the office -- where probe body’s member secretary, university’s deputy registrar Alibuddin Khan, and members, provost council president professor Debashis Sharma and assistant proctor professor Murshid Alam, were present -- around 11:30 am.

Another accused Tabassum entered the room at 11:45 am -- where she was quizzed until 12:40 pm. Then both were called again separately at 1:00 pm and 1:25 pm respectively for another 20-minute talk.   

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Following the meeting, the journalists asked several questions to Sanjida over the issue.

In reply to the questions, she said, "I talked to the probe body first. Then submitted a four-page letter. The investigation committee wanted to hear from me about the incident. The investigation is going on. Everything will be cleared after the investigation is completed."

When a newsman questioned her again about the torture inflicted on Fulpori, she said, "No comment."

"Everything will be cleared in the investigation. The truth will come out," Sanjida reiterated.

The convener of the probe body, Reba Mandal, said "We cannot make the findings public in a bid to carry out the investigation properly. We have made noticeable headway in the investigation. We will try to complete the inquiry within the stipulated period. At this moment, we couldn’t say anything about the veracity of the allegation."