In his explanation, Mahfuz Anam said, “On Wednesday, 18th May, during her speech marking her homecoming from exile, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made a reference to me and said: “… Dr Yunus and, what we heard, Mahfuz Anam -- they went to America, went to the State Department, and sent email to Hillary [Clinton]. Anyway … the then World Bank president Mr [Robert Bruce] Zoellick on his last working day, not at any board meeting, stopped the funding for the Padma bridge project. However, it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise in one sense.”

“I categorically state that I made no such trip to the US, never visited the State Department, never sent any email to Hillary Clinton, never had any meeting or communication in any form with the World Bank President on any matter directly or indirectly connected with the Padma Bridge funding or any issue relating to Padma Bridge either in Washington or in any other place or in any other city of the world.”

Mahfuz Anam further said, “I respectfully and humbly state that comments made about me are not founded on facts.”

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