"I thought that the number of politicians would be higher. I got surprised though the information is not comprehensive..., " said the foreign minister.

He said many government officials have houses in Toronto and their children are studying there.

The foreign minister said such a situation is not only there in Canada, but also in Malaysia.

"It's difficult to get information," Momen said adding that what they see in media reports on thousands of millions of money is shipped off are not fully true considering the figure.

He said foreign countries are also responsible to some extent in this regard, saying Switzerland does not give them information on who is depositing money in their banks.

Momen said they talk about transparency but they do not provide information, if sought.

"Double standards exist there."

The minister said it is fine if anybody takes money legally abroad but the government can bring it back under law if they send it illegally.

"It's long been happening."

Momen said they urge those who took the money abroad to invest it in Bangladesh.

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