Zayeda Khatun thanks PM for fair election

Zayeda Khatun speaking at a press conference after winning the mayoral post in the Gazipur city election
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Zayeda Khatun has greeted the people of the city for electing her mayor of Gazipur city corporation. After winning the election, she said, "I extend my greetings to the honourable prime minister Sheikh Hasina as well. I thank her. My election was fair. I got my due votes and that is why I thank the prime minister even more."

After the result of the election was declared, Zayeda Khatun held a press conference at her home at 4:00 am early Friday morning. Son Jahangir Alam was by her side.

When journalists asked her who she would dedicate her victory too, Zayeda Khatun replied, "I give this victory to the people of Gazipur and also to the prime minister Sheikh Hasina."

In reply to a question as to what she would do for the people of Gazipur, Zayeda Khatun replied, "I will try to repay my debt to the people of Gazipur. I will also repay my debt to the journalists as you all stood by me. When no one else stood by my side, you all were there. I will work for Gazipur to repay my debt."

Zayeda Khatun, said, "I cannot carry out this work alone and so will I carry it out along with my son. He has been by my side all along. I will complete the unfinished tasks of my son, Inshallah."

Having won the election under the table clock electoral symbol, Zayeda Khatun went on to say, "I joined the election to prove my son is true. Some people know very well in their hearts what they have done. I will try to do good for the people of Gazipur. I will show this through action. I will consult Azmat Ullah, take his opinion and carry out my work. I will work with everyone, with every one of the area."

Explaining her reason to contest in the polls, Zayeda Khatun said, "No one found anything false about me or my son. But it was out of disappointment and to protest against false allegations that I entered the election. I have loved the people of Gazipur, so now let's see how much they love me. I contested in the election to prove this love. I have the love of the people of Gazipur."

Jahangir Alam said, "My mother is like my teacher. She has overseen all my work. I am no longer mayor, but my mother has been elected mayor. I will stay by my mother's side and do all the work, with the support of the prime minister. Azmat Ullah Khan is my elder brother. We will take his advice and consult with all the senior political leaders here, take their views and endeavour to build a modern-day city."

Jahangir Alam said, "I want the support of the honourable prime minister. My mother and I will call upon her. My mother and I are ready to do anything to make this a beautiful city."

He went on to say, "The election commission and the government had said they would present a good election. We have received that through their actions and so we thank all."

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Gazipur city election results were announced late Thursday night. Zayeda Khatun defeated the boat symbol candidate Azmat Ullah by 16,197 votes. In the total 480 centres, Zayeda Khatun won 238,934 votes. Azmat Ullah bagged 222,737 votes. The Islami Andolan Bangladesh candidate Gazi Ataur Rahman drew up third with 45,352 votes.