Govt has no discomfort over US visa policy: Quader

Obaidul Quader
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Awami League (AL) general secretary Obaidul Quader said his party never had any discomfort over the US visa policy; rather the government welcomed the US move.

The AL secretary said this in a statement signed by the party’s office secretary Biplab Barua on Monday.

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Quader said the visa policy in fact banned BNP’s arson and politics of vandalism in the name of waging its movement. The BNP leaders are constantly making complaints to their ‘foreign masters’ and trying to mislead the foreigners by forwarding false and misleading information.

BNP gets elated if any of the foreigners become misled by this false information and make a negative comment based on it.

Quader also criticized BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir’s remark on a selfie of prime minister Sheikh Hasina with the US president Joe Biden.

US president Joe Biden, prime minister Sheikh Hasina and Saima Wazed at the G20 Summit venue in New Delhi on 9 September 2023 .
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He said the scintillating presence of Bangladesh’s prime minister in the G-20 summit made people of the country proud. But the people don’t expect the comment made by the BNP leader from a politician with good sense.

Although Bangladesh is not a member of G-20, Sheikh Hasina’s presence in the summit has caught the attention of the world leaders.

He said AL believes that people are the source of all power and the selfie does not mean that the US will bring AL to power but it testified Bangladesh’s good relations with the country.

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The selfie is an answer to the BNP’s propaganda that the current regime does not have any friends.

The AL secretary added that leadership quality, unparalleled personality and efficiency have taken her to the center of attention of the world leaders.

Quader added that not only the US president, other world leaders also warmly greeted prime minister Sheikh Hasina which have been reflected in pictures and news published in the media.