Some western countries interfering in Bangladesh: Russian ambassador

ussian ambassador Alexander Mantytskiy is speaking at an event “Talks with Ambassador,” at the National Press Club in the capital on Thursday.Collected

Russian ambassador in Dhaka Alexander Mantytskiy has said some western countries have been interfering in the internal affairs of Bangladesh.

He said his country believes without any foreign 'assistance' Bangladesh government is capable of holding the next parliamentary election following the necessary process.

Russian ambassador Alexander Mantytskiy made the remark at an event “Talks with Ambassador,” at the National Press Club in the capital on Thursday. Swadhinata Sangbadik Forum organised it.

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While talking to newsmen about the upcoming elections in Bangladesh, Alexander Mantytskiy said some western countries are interfering in the internal issues of Bangladesh. The Russian foreign ministry spokesperson made a clarification in this regard on 22 November.

Spokesperson Maria Zakharova in that briefing made clear that the United States and its allies want to influence the internal political process in Bangladesh, ostensibly under the banner of ensuring “transparency and inclusiveness” in the upcoming parliamentary election.

“On our part, we have no doubts regarding the ability of the Bangladeshi authorities to hold the parliamentary election scheduled for 7 January 2024, in full compliance with national legislation, independently, without the help of overseas well-wishers," UNB quoted the Russian envoy who quoted the Russian spokesperson.

When asked about the possible role of Russia if the US imposes sanctions on Bangladesh, Alexander Mantytskiy said the west are imposing illegal sanctions against Russia. Russia does not take these sanctions into consideration. Only the sanctions imposed by the Security Council of the United Nations are taken into account. Russia will take a stance against any sanction on Bangladesh.

Let us see what happens! He hopes no new sanctions will be imposed against Bangladesh.

Criticising the role of the western nations in various parts of the world, the Russian ambassador said although the west are vocal in the Ukraine issue, they have taken a double standard in the Palestine issue. As they alleged many people died in Ukraine and they have expressed concerns. Over 16,000 people have died in Palestine since 7 October. But they have no concern over it.

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He also remarked that the position of Russia and Bangladesh adopted a similar stance on the Palestine issue.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh has signed an agreement with Russia for launching satellites.

During the recent visit of French president Emmanuel Macron in Bangladesh, a declaration was made about buying satellites from France. As a result, a confusion has been created.

Asked about the matter, Russian ambassador Alexander Mantytskiy said, "A discussion about the technical issues of satellite has already been finalised. The commercial proposal of a satellite is on the table. Bangladesh will select the country from which the Bangladesh government will consider better in establishing satellites. We have nothing to say in this regard."

National Press Club general secretary Shyamal Dutta, Dhaka Union of Journalists (DUJ) joint secretary Khairul Alam, among others, spoke at the event, moderated by Bangla Tribune Diplomatic Correspondent Sheikh Shahriar Zaman.