India bans onion exports
India bans onion exports File photo

All India Kisan Sabha general secretary Ajit Navale alleged the government has decided to ban export of onions to control its price ahead of Bidhan Sabha elections.

All India Kisan Sabha is the peasants front of the Communist Party of India.

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Sharad Pawar also has protested against the decision of the central government of India.


He urged central commerce minister Piyush Goyal to reconsider the decision. Otherwise the image of India to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will be tarnished, he said.

Against this backdrop, Pakistan will be immensely benefited, Pawar added.

The Indian government on Monday imposed a ban on onion export after the price of the root vegetables had shot up suddenly, triggering anger among the onion growers.

The farmers started getting price after crops had been hugely damaged by rains. The increased price will come down if the export is halted. As a result onion growers will not be able to make up their losses. Onion cultivation has been widely damaged by rains this year in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka.

Sharad Pawar on Tuesday twitted more than once over onion, criticising the ban on onion export.

He said onion growers of the states have contacted with him and shared their concerns. He conveyed the matter to the commerce minister.

Speaking to the media, Sharad Pawar said he urged the commerce minister to reconsider the decision, saying the position of India in the Gulf region, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will be spoiled. Pakistan will be benefited.

The biggest wholesale market of onion is in Lasalgaon of Maharashtra. The wholesale price of onion per kg increased from Rupees 20 to Rupees 30-35 between March and September. The growers were able to make up their loss in this price. The price of onion will come down in their local market, and cultivators will not be benefited.


All India Kisan Sabha has been considering this decision as completely political.

Ajit Navale said onion growers not only in Maharashtra but also in the entire country will be affected. The farmers are taking to the street protesting against the decision.

He pointed out that all understand the government banned onion export eying polls in Bihar.

The price of onion in the retail market was 40-45 Rupees ahead of the ban. The price was double in the last year. At that time, the government of India stopped the export. Bangladesh mostly imports onion from India.