Remittance inflow rises by 12.6pc

US dollar

Expatriate Bangladeshis sent US$ 2,037.80 million remittances in August, which was 12.6 per cent higher than the corresponding month of the previous year.

The wage earners sent $1,810.10 million remittance to the country in August of 2021.

The country received $2,096.32 million from the migrants overseas in July, which was the highest in the last two years. July remittance inflow registered a 17.56 per cent growth compared to the corresponding month last year.

In August, six state-owned commercial banks - Agrani, Janata, Rupali, Sonali, Basic and BDBL - received $363.49 million while one state-owned specialized bank- Bangladesh Krishi Bank- received $24.26 million.

Of the state-owned banks, Agrani Bank received $132.37 million, Janata Bank $50.17 million, Rupali Bank $100 million, Sonali Bank $80.55 million and Basic Bank received $0.40 million.

Besides, the expatriates have sent $1,642.53 million through private commercial banks.