Foreign minister AK Abdul Momen on Thursday said he directed all the envoys staying abroad to intensify their efforts to promote trade and investment of Bangladesh in their respective host countries.

“I have directed officers in the (foreign) ministry to redouble our efforts to promote Bangladesh’s trade and investment,” he said while speaking at Bangladesh Business Summit and Networking Luncheon organised by FBCCI at a city hotel.

The minister said the government is working with its best possible calculations to stabilise our production ecosystems and keep trade and investment flowing.

Referring to recent IMF data that shows, Bangladesh’s economy is the 35th largest economy in terms of GDP, Momen said this is a big achievement for us, and it shows that we are moving towards the right direction to become a trillion-dollar economy within 2035.

“We have the potential to become an international business and manufacturing Hub and it is time we start creating narratives which would allow Bangladesh platforms to become global incubators for innovation and entrepreneurship,” he said.

The minister said Bangladesh is a “development miracle” and in terms of identity, Bangladesh is a secular, sovereign, neo-liberal state system with firm constitutional and legal mandates to uphold the key principles of nationalism, socialism, democracy and secularism.

Bangladesh is also one of the most lucrative and profitable destinations for foreign investments anywhere in the world, he added.

“Bangladesh Government is a government of the people in spirit and actions,” he added.

He urged the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) for its plan to organise Bangladesh Business Summit 2023 from 11-13 March to celebrate the 50 years of the establishment of this apex trade body.

“This is a very timely initiative in the backdrop of the Covid wave and the Russia-Ukraine war and a desperate attempt to restart the global economy and supply chain,” he said.

The minister said he is highly optimistic that this event would help Bangladesh to reach out to international business communities and uphold Bangladesh’s efforts in strengthening global connections.

“Bangladesh is doing what the prime minister Sheikh Hasina very correctly described as ‘striking a balance between life & livelihood’ and to make Bangladesh a hub of connectivity, as connectivity is productivity,” he said.