Taking care of your walls with Berger

Who doesn’t fancy themselves some good deals while preparing the decor for their home? However, finding cheap deals on paints may not always be the ideal solution. Buying low-quality paints may appear profitable at first glance, but there might be a couple of hidden costs you would need to take into consideration. Here's a look at how low-quality paint will actually cost you more.

First, let’s not forget that paint is generally made of three things: solvent, pigment and binder. When we paint our walls, the solvent dissipates in the air leaving the pigment and binder, which are referred to as the solid elements of the paint. The binder’s job is to hold the pigment together so that the two can formulate the paint layer. Hence, high quality paints not only contain more pigments but that the solid elements will also be finer than the low-quality versions. Hence, it will have better longevity, and require less to hide the surface on which it is applied.

A general scenario would have you sitting at the paint store, looking at different paint options and comparing prices of various brands. But here’s the catch: there’s much more to paint than the price tags. If you’ve ever used a low-quality paint, you would know that the surface you painted needed 2/3 or maybe even 4 coats of paint to get your walls to finally bloom better. The biggest benefit of a superior quality paint is that it will have a higher ratio of fine particle pigments, which means you will need lesser coats. Instead of multiple layers of coats, you might just need 1, or max 2. So, when you make sure you’re choosing one of these single-coat options, even if it’s a little more expensive than the other options, you’re actually saving a lot of money in the long run!

Another thing about choosing a high-quality paint over a random low-quality one is that the first option will last way longer. Low-quality paints often have cheaper binders with larger molecules that don’t bind to the wall properly. Choosing a high-quality paint means the paint job will last longer and will have a reduced risk of peeling, blistering, and chalking or fading away.

One of the most important things to consider before buying a low-quality paint are the health hazards involved with it. High-quality paint companies keep Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) level low and also manufacture lead-free paint keeping in mind about health issues and environmental friendliness.

So, buying a high-quality paint that might cost a little higher is actually taking care of your walls in the long run. Next time, before you dive into the project of buying paint, it’s a good idea to go with the quality rather than choosing some less numbers in the price tag. In Bangladesh, Berger Paints remains among the top few paint brands assuring safety and longevity of paint solutions. And right now, purchases from Berger paints can potentially earn the customers a ticket to the biggest football event of the world! That’s right, under its special campaign, named “Utshab’er Rong Bisshocup’e” (The Color of Celebration with the Cup) customers can get the golden chance to win a FIFA world cup match ticket and watch the game live in Qatar! This is a great opportunity to give your house a shine with high-quality paint and also get a chance to see a match Live in Qatar. For more information regarding the campaign please visit Berger Paints Bangladesh Facebook page.