Razz-Pori reunite, say ‘we are fine’

Pori Moni and Shariful Razz with their son Rajjo
file photo

When this correspondent had talked to Shariful Razz on Tuesday, he had then hinted at rekindling his relationship with Pori Moni.

Razz had told Prothom Alo, “I have faced a lot of trouble in this life. I don’t want any more. I want a normal life, I want peace. And I certainly don’t want to get involved in any more trouble.”

He commented, “Even if it’s for my baby, I have to reorganise my life. He’s growing up now. He will be able to walk and talk properly after five or six more years. I want to give him a beautiful life.”

Pori Moni and Shariful Razz
file photo

That hint indeed came true after three days. Razz and Porimoni were spotted together with their son on Wednesday night. With this they returned under the same roof after almost three months.

Razz, Porimoni and their son Rajjo cut a cake together with Gaan Bangla owners Kaushik Hossain Taposh and Farzana Munny at the channel’s office on this night.

Such a video clip and several photographs were posted on Taposh’s verified Facebook page around 9:00am on Thursday.

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As the caption he wrote, “Rajjo’s birthday being celebrated on behalf of TM.” The photographs kept circulating on different Facebook pages throughout Thursday.

While contacted Razz to know more about the matter on Thursday night, he was then playing with Rajjo at Porimoni’s Bashundhara home.

Razz said, “I am playing and spending time with Rajjo. I had the opportunity of being so close to him after a long time. Even Rajjo’s also happy to have me around him as he’s having a lot of fun, he’s laughing and playing.”

Shariful Razz

Mentioning that he has returned to their Bashundhara home last (Wednesday) night, Razz said, “I am at the Bashundhara home now. Porimoni and I are together now. I have returned home last night and we are fine. I am spending time with my son so I cannot talk much for now. I’ll talk later on this issue.”

Leaving Porimoni, Razz had moved out of the house with all his belongings on 20 May. Later the couple’s relationship worsened even further after several personal photographs and video clips of Razz and three other actresses were published from Razz’s Facebook account on the night of 29 May. The two had been living in separation since then.

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