Nusraat Faria returns home from hospital

Nusraat Faria
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Actress Nusraat Faria has returned home from the hospital. She had suddenly fallen all late Thursday night and was admitted to a hospital in the capital.

Reportedly, she was hospitalised in an unconscious state. Her physical condition has slightly improved and so she has been taken home.

Nusraat Faria’s mother Ferdousi Parvin confirmed the news of Faria being released from the hospital to Prothom Alo. She said, “She’s slightly better now compared to the condition she was brought taken to the hospital Thursday night.”

Nusraat Faria in hospital
from facebook

“She was supposed undergo a CT scan but the scan couldn’t be done on Friday for the lack of necessary arrangements. The CT scan will be done two days later,” she added.

Earlier she had told Prothom Alo that Nusrrat Faria had been feeling unwell for the last couple of days. It took a bad turn on Thursday. At one point she fainted at home. Her mother and other members of the family rushed her to hospital.

She said, “Faria has been suffering from headaches for several months now. The headaches have become worse these days. She’s suffering a lot. Last night it became unbearable.”

Nusraat Faria
from Facebook

“She couldn’t even sleep because of the headache. She used to take some over-the-counter drugs for the headache before. Even those aren’t working anymore,” she added.

Her mother continued, “Physically Faria is feeling extremely feeble. Faria is very irregular in her diet. She has grown weaker because of this irregularity. Plus, she’s having gastric problems as well.”

“Once Faria recovers a bit, she might go to Thailand for treatment. I ask her admirer to please keep Faria in your prayers,” she said further.

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