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At least 10 people were killed and five others injured after a wall collapsed amid rain in India's southern state of Telangana early Wednesday.

The incident occurred in Telangana's capital city Hyderabad which has been hit by incessant rains since Tuesday, reports Xinhua.

Hyderabad received unprecedented rains in the last 24 hours. The intensity of rains increased after 6pm and continued through the night.


The area where the wall collapsed lies in the Old City of Hyderabad which, locals say, is a low-lying area.

Power supply has been disconnected due to the incessant rain while many parts of the city have been flooded.

TV channels showed cars being washed away in gushing waters, while at other places parked cars were seen fully submerged in water.

People spent night on their rooftops as knee-deep water entered their homes.


Laxman Yadav, a resident of Hyderabad, said the city has been receiving heavy rains during the past 24 hours.

"Over the years, the population has increased manifolds, touching 10 million, but the local infrastructure remains the same," Yadav told Xinhua over phone.

A senior official at the Hyderabad-based Directorate of Enforcement, Vigilance & Disaster Management tweeted, "We are witnessing unprecedented rainfall in the city. A high of 25-cm rainfall has been recorded at LB Nagar!! Rains are expected to continue for a few more hours."


The state's disaster response force teams are working round-the-clock trying to normalise the situation.

"Over 200 complaints have been received and teams are engaged in rescue of citizens, clearing water stagnations, treefalls and attending to citizen assistance calls," the local official tweeted.