Queen Elizabeth II's Wedding Dress

According to many documentaries and Palace staff, the Queen's wedding gown had a very special message.

Curated by Joanna Marshner, the gown was paid for by ration coupons given by ordinary women post War.

When the Queen married Prince Philip, Britain was still recovering from the economic losses incurred in the War and it was difficult to pay for such a heavy gown.


So the Queen used her ration coupons given to her by the Government along with a few sent to her by women across the country to pay for the gown.

The dress, made of satin, had many spring flowers, which gave a message of hope and renewal to the British nationals at that point.

Queen Elizabeth's outfit after Brexit

Right after Britain opted to exit European Union, the Queen attended the first opening parliament in 2017 right after the decision was made public.

She wore a blue and yellow outfit, which are the featured colours in the European Union Flag.

Many believe that the message Queen wanted to give was her disapproval of the decision.


Queen's outfit for her COVID-19 address to the nation

The Queen chose a green coloured outfit for addressing the nation as the pandemic made waves across the world.

Many say that the colour green was picked by her to symbolise growth and renewal. The Queen also wore a diamond and turquoise brooch.

The same brooch, which Queen Mary gifted Elizabeth upon her death in 1953. The brooch is considered to be a symbol of protection.


Queen's ruby tiara when she met former US President Donald Trump

The Royal family is always neutral when it comes to politics however the Queen, has, on a number of occasions, given a message through her outfit of whether she approves or disapproves of a certain decision or person.

When the Queen met Donald Trump, she wore a ruby tiara that was originally gifted to her on her wedding day by the people of Burma (now Myanmar). The Burmese ruby tiara symbolises protection from evil and illness.


Her bright outfits during public appearances

The Queen used to wear bright, vibrant colours during her public appearances for a very simple reason - so that she is noticed amongst the crowd!

The Queen's daughter-in-law Sophie revealed this in a 2017 documentary 'The Queen at 90'.

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