Tecno collaborates with Vogue to capture ‘Style in Motion’ at London fashion week

Tecno Camon 20 series.Courtesy

London fashion week recently witnessed a significant shift, departing from showcasing wealth and excess to embracing storytelling and simplicity. In this evolving landscape, fashion has become more about the emotions and expressions of individuals rather than just the clothes themselves.

Tecno, the innovative technology brand, recognised this trend and partnered with Vogue, the ultimate authority in fashion, to capture the essence of 'Style in Motion' during the latest London fashion week, stated a press release.

Tecno's collaboration with VOGUE marked a transformative milestone in the industry. Guided by renowned photographer Aria Shahrokhshahi, Tecno's ‘Camon 20’ series redefined fashion expression by capturing the emotions and individuality that lie beneath the surface of minimalistic designs.

This extraordinary collaboration transcended the traditional boundaries of fashion showcases, creating an exclusive photography and video experience that celebrated the power of emotional storytelling.

With its brand essence of ‘Stop at Nothing,’ Techno has been at the forefront of integrating contemporary design with cutting-edge technology.

Tecno Camon 20 series flawlessly captured every emotional motion moment, elevating the significance of personal style and emotional connections within the fashion world. This device represents the perfect fusion of aesthetics and innovation, allowing individuals to express their true selves through fashion.

Tecno and Vogue’s collaboration is more than a partnership—it is a celebration of emotional storytelling. Together, they redefined the fashion landscape by emphasising the profound connection between fashion and emotions.

Following the success of this collaboration with Vogue, Tecno is thrilled to announce the upcoming Tecno Camon 20 series fashion festival in Bangladesh, scheduled to take place on 17 July, 2023.

This festival will showcase the latest trends and designs, bringing together fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and influencers from Bangladesh.

Tecno's commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining the fashion landscape remains unwavering, as showcased through its cutting-edge Camon 20 series. For more info visit:  https://cutt.ly/TECNOxVOGUE