Try these drinks to keep brain refreshed

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When crushed under the pressure of work, many are heard to say, “The brain’s not working anymore.” But meeting with the demand of the age, you must keep ‘working’ your brain to survive in this world of competition! So, you can try these drinks to stimulate the brain, it might help.


Coffee has caffeine in it. Drinking coffee will refresh you, increase your focus as well as improve your mood. If you get tired from looking at the list of tasks right at the beginning of the week, grab a cup of coffee and get to work. You will see the results.

Green Tea

Green tea can be an alternative to coffee. Green tea is very useful in helping you concentrate in the hustle and bustle of work. It also helps with memory retention. However, neither tea nor coffee is good for excessive consumption.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is great as a drink to improve concentration and to preserve memory. Among all the different types of chocolates, dark chocolate works the best. But don’t eat too much chocolate because it has a high amount of calories.


The Vitamin C in lemon works as an antioxidant. Lemonade will help prevent the decay of brain cells. Besides, the scent of lemons can also refresh you.

Beet Juice

Beetroot juice too is rich in antioxidants. This drink can be a source of energy for the brain. Plus, it helps reducing fatigue and forgetfulness as well.

Green Smoothies

Did you just lough hearing about the spinach smoothie? Though it might sound strange, this smoothie is beneficial for your brain. Make a green smoothie by mixing berries and bananas with spinach.


Now we have learned about a variety of drinks. But don’t forget water in this crowd. The water in your drink or just a glass of water will be of great help to your brain. So you must drink water in between work.

And finally give your brain a break. If you spend time on social media at night or watch movies, it is only normal that your brain will slow down at work the next day. So make sure you get eight hours of sleep every day. Besides, your brain cells can also be deprived of glucose if you don’t eat anything for a long time. So, try snacking now and then.

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