Nine foods to try for weight loss

Prothom Alo

When you try losing weight, your subconscious mind says, “You can’t eat this or that.” But if you keep scraping this and that from your diet what else will be left on your plate! Going without food or eating very little is not a realistic approach. You must eat to stay healthy. And there comes the calculation of calories.

To lose weight, opt for a diet that is digested slowly and keeps you full for an extended period. Additionally, pay attention to the nutritional quality of food to avoid the risk of malnutrition while striving to lose weight.

Prothom Alo

Generally we know that eating vegetables or fruits is good for losing weight. But this is not true for all vegetables or all fruits. So the diet needs to be chosen carefully. Besides, you should pay attention right while cooking to prevent the use of excess oil.

Associate professor of food and nutrition science at Dhaka’s Government College of Applied Human Sciences, Shampa Sharmin Khan has provided such tips like this. Let’s check out her list of food that can help to lose weight.

Red wheat flour, red rice, coarse rice

You can eat food items made from whole wheat flour, whole grain rice and coarse rice. It takes more time to digest these foods. So, it doesn’t make you feel hungry fast.

Prothom Alo

Oats, barley, grain powder, millet

We consume a lot of carbohydrate every day from foods like rice, wheat and potatoes. As a result we keep gaining weight. However, food made of oats, barley, powdered grain or millet can be an alternative source of carbohydrate that will keep the weight under control.

Green leaves

You can choose any green leaves to lose weight. It’s good to form a habit of eating enough green leaves every day. Some people believe it’s not right to eat green leaves at night. But, there’s no scientific basis for that.


Vegetables grown on soil

You need to eat different types of vegetables daily for losing weight. Vegetables are excellent in nutritional qualities also. Try to include vegetables especially those which are white on the inside as a must in your everyday diet. But to lose weight, chose vegetables that grow right on the soil. Consuming vegetables like potatoes, carrots or radishes will result in weight gain.

Excluding these vegetables, you can eat raw salads made of other vegetables. But, be careful not to eat deep-fried items like fritters or vegetable sandwich with mayonnaise to make vegetables more appetising. That will increase the number of calories you intake. You can include pumpkin in the mixed-vegetables items but don’t eat items made of pumpkin alone. That too will increase the calorie intake.

Increase the amount of fruit in your diet.
Prothom Alo


You can eat different fruits throughout the day. But avoid fruits that are sweet. Eating sour and bland fruits will definitely keep the weight under control. So, you can eat different fruits like pears, sour jujube, hog plum and melon without worries.


Some people believe that meat consumption increases the weight. But, the idea is wrong. Weight gain results from eating fat. So, you can easily consume lean meat. Consuming an egg, a piece of fish or meat, 210-220 milliliters of milk and a cup of lentil meet the daily requirement of protein for an adult. You can consume this amount of protein in installments throughout the day. Eating protein once won’t make you feel hungry very soon.

You can eat lean meat.
Sabina Yasmin

Take notice if there are chunks of fat or solid fat with the piece of meat or fish, that must be cut off. However, there’s no harm in eating fish oil or the oily fish skin. Rather, you’ll gain required nutrients from that. You can drink milk but don’t add sugar to it. If you like eating biscuits as a snack with milk, you need to skip that as well to lose weight.


You can make soup with vegetables or meat following different recipes. If you eat a bowl of soup right at the beginning of the meal, you’ll obviously consume other items less. But you need to be careful not to add cornflower in the soup. Since cornflower is carbohydrate, it’s better to eat clear soup indeed.

Salmon soup.
Sabina Yasmin


You can consume local peanuts but not more than 80 to 100 grams a day. You will find protein and fatty acid in it. Don’t throw away the red skin you find under the peanut shells.


You can also eat yoghurt to lose weight. You can eat yoghurt directly or can use it as an ingredient to make salads.  

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