Oral care during pregnancy

Pregnant women nowadays try their best to avoid going out. The physicians too advise less regular routine checkups for them. In most cases, they are provided care through telemedicine. Though they don’t consult dentists, it crucial to do as they may have cavities , swollen gums and other dental problems. It’s crucial to have a clear idea about teeth and oral hygiene.

Some treatment cannot be administered during the first and last trimesters. Pregnancy is crucial time as there are restrictions regarding visiting the dentist, taking medicine or undergoing an x-ray. The restrictions are stricter amid the coronavirus outbreak.


What to do:

*Consult with the dentist before you decide to conceive. Learn the proper rules for cleaning teeth and how to floss.

* Brush your teeth for two minutes before going to bed at night and after breakfast every day. Use a small-headed soft toothbrush and quality toothpaste. Floss your teeth regularly.

*Try to shift your attention to control nausea or for morning sickness. If you vomit, it’s better not to brush in an hour. If you feel too uncomfortable brush without toothpaste and massage your gums. Fluoride or antiseptic mouthwash can be used as per the physician’s advice.

*Try eating calcium-rich and nutritious foods as the foetus starts growing teeth on the sixth week. Try avoiding sugary foods.

* If you feel any oral abnormality, contact your dentist.

*Md. Asafuzzoha, Kalabagan Raj Dental Centre.